Ways to profit in 2022/2023


  • it needs a lot of patience, time and bytes, but in the end its profitable. Its great for both currencies (fgems and bytes) but in term of profit selling fishes for bytes would be more profitable, but in the end it depends on what you want, for bytes you can sell all type of fishes but for fgems goldfish is the most profitable. If you want to get bigger profits you will need better fishing gear (clothers, rod, baits).

-same as in fishing you will need lot of patience, time, bytes and skill. With mining its little bit harder at beginning tho. At first you will progress through bronze mine, then silver and then gold, gold mine is best for profit in mining. Because you get the best nuggets that you can sell and many gemstones. And you might ask what about the platinum mine? Reason why platinum mine isnt profitable is because the nuggets that you get in there, are untradable. And about bytes, you are gonna need lots of bytes to get the best profit, because as you go up in mine levels it gets harder so youre gonna need better pickaxe, armor, etc. but in the end its profitable. If you have more questions about mining ask in comments :slight_smile:

    -trading is mostly about watching price charts and looking at limited items likes VIP bonus items, daily bonus items, event items, etc. Or you could sell worlds with rare names. You can either do big profit on this or lose big money! YOU MUST KNOW WHAT YOU DOIN!

    -farming has always been my favourite, currently farming any kind of simple block is profitable in terms of bytes. My personal recommendation are colorful blocks (like Black Blocks - 999/10 000bc, Red Blocks, etc.) In world “RECIPE” you can check out all the recipes for block/clothes/props/etc.


  1. Jet racing (dont recommend this one, hard to profit)
  2. Hoarding (getting as much limited items as possible)
    5.Games (Spleef game, Parkour, PVP, etc.)
    6.Boosters (u gonna need luck)
    8.Pets (long term investment)
    10.Recycling (only during 2x event)

And thats all. Good luck with profiting -redless

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I understand you are trying to help, but another thread that almost everyone knows about. Useful for starters, I’ll direct them here if anyone asks how to profit well.

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I’d include events and pets on this

Both have made me fortunes this year

Just to add on farming if you take time to build your own seed banks (it does take several months) I’d say it is the most profitable thing in the game .

It requires almost zero outlay in terms of BC or gems…

Recent values have made many items so expensive now.

I guess if we all did it prices would drop.

I’ve just gone through the mix 500 unique trees achievement

imo It’s the hardest thing to do in the game, if you want to do it without spending any money.

All you get is an 8k XP boost not even a medal … So weird imo it merits a 100 day VIP !

Good luck to anyone trying it the hard way as I did, hit me up if you are and have questions …

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you are encouraging people to ask for items in pixelstation? this isnt profit

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Unless you mean donations boxes, but you do need to have something of interest for them to really work…

The game is flooded with beggars at the moment if I am in one of my busier worlds for almost any amount of time they will show up …

It’s endless , i do give too, but y’day i had had enough…

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Very good tips, keep it up !

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