We got a serious problem

So again about bytes.
So as jake said in his stream, the trade and drop ability may get s removed.
Thats why, many ppl are hoarding bc now.
So if there get more and more bc get even more rare and rate drops even more.
I’d say the current record has Zygora with 5 million bytes.
Ofc the bytes are still in game, but the hoarders wont use them that much.
So, there are ‘‘less’’ bytes in game atm.
And the only way to get more bytes in game is to actually buy from shop, or from the NPC in pixelstation next to the PWE’s.
In shop u pay gems. To the NPC you pay wls.
That’s why the gem rate could drop too.
The wls will as many ppl already said do down and you will only use them to lock worlds.
That’s a problem too, because now these pro’s with several hundret PL’s got tons of wls but you will never have that many worlds and cuz wls are useless if this happens they actually lose much,
so if they got a brain now its time to spend you’re wls.
Ofc it isn’t decided yet if the dev’s remove these features.
On the other side you could spend you’re wls to the NPC and get bc.
Will see…

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The trade and drop ability will never go away, it will be a different game if they do that. Jake probably was thinking about Pixel Worlds 2 like other developers in their team. And theorizing about it.
Worlds locks will never die just because of expensive items. The provision is too expensive when you trade with expensive items. And also you can’t find those items, you have to go to a trade world.

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It makes no sense to remove drop & trade feature.

Try quess how many announces Jake made and those didn’t come true ?

  • I would suggest Kukouri would start checking records of autobot PWE merchants. 24/7 robot PWE BOTS*

The drop and trading ability are most likely to never be removed.
It would be pointless to do it so.

Don’t be scared. They won’t be removed, theyll get revamped somehow.

If they removed it, backlash from the community would be huge. It’s pretty unlikely they would do it like the others have said.

Zygora hoarded 5mil bytes

When you live long enough you become the villain

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Provision is actually good, and I personally don’t mind it being that “high”—no, I don’t think 5% is high. Without that, there’s practically almost no way to take BC out of the ecosystem. In this scenario, inflation is just around the corner.

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1% is a good percentage iMO, if they don’t change the taxes and keep it 5%, the game will really die.
And again the only feature i see that needs to be removed is the drop feature.

Jake was just trolling, it’s way too late to make such a controversial change anyway.

No i don’t think he’s joking, especially about the world locks and bytecoins, it will really happen world locks will be untradeable but about the drop & trade feature, not to sure.

You cant make wls untradeable knowing how the community already has tons of them dropped and in display cases

1% is too little. We need a reliable way to get money out of the ecosystem when literally quest bots and other stuff can generate money out of thin air–it’s even worse than in real life where only central or federal reserve can print money (and heavily monitored). Keep lowering it because you don’t feel like “paying” and you’ll soon realize your money worth almost nothing. It’s happened in so many other games that some actually ignore straight out their currency and use something consumable like healing potion etc. It’s horrible. 5% isn’t crazy.

Same but I was more referring to those items which are 100 platinum locks so 5% provision takes away 5pl from that which is a lot when it comes to those kind of items which get sold at a stable rate like 100pl. And also there are less of these items in game so basically people are not willing to do 5 platinum locks less, in GT people won’t even do 1 world lock less whatever item xd (just saying).
So trading will not die, when you trade you don’t pay any fees and also you can negotiate with people. Most importantly is that those rare items are usually so rare that there are not a lot of people who are willing to put one into PWE, so you have to look for them like who wears it or who has it on display. Having a trade world for those kind of items is a must especially when it comes to negotiating.
ACTUALLY Most importantly like really, you can’t offer in PWE. You can’t put items for items, so literally hard to sell items are a pain to get sold and you can’t even offer those kind of items without trading. For example: 3 Dark Pixie Wings for a Dracula cape.

If it is indeed rare, the seller has two options:

  1. Eat the commission fee.
  2. Pass it on to customers.

If the situation is like you say, meaning that the one controlling the price is the seller due to demand vs supply ratio, they get to decide either of those two. The seller won’t be in any problem. Also, when you think about it, the more expensive something is, the lesser your target audience is (regardless of actual value since we’re talking about per capita or percentage wise). It’s only fair that PWE gets the cut for “finding and matching” you with a buyer.