We need a parkour revolution/innovation

We need a parkour revolution for the game, even if it is just something that gets a few hundred people into the parkour aspect of this game.

Parkour is something special in this game, it’s how I managed to grow as a person and player the the community, it’s how I managed to improve hand-eye coordination (mostly, I play Geometry Dash as well) and I have benefited a ton from parkour.

We need something that can help people experience the same thing I did. Something like an update or anything that can help bring back the big parkour community it was. In fact, we could even make a list based on the top hard parkours in the game, along with leaderboards in that particular list for the people who have beaten it (provided they give enough proof of the completion, this can be a keyboard+mouse cam or anything that proves legitimacy) and even in game prizes for those that climb up the tournament.

I can think of so many benefits for this. For example, it would motivate people to try this aspect of the game and even become a profiting method with enough skill. But even anything would make the parkourers happy. I’m talking me, Mousy, Bulgan, Sieggy, all the pro parkourers. We need something to revive the parkour community.



True. Even adding small things like to expand platformer booster by adding 10-15 more trps would be cool.

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Exactly, anything that can revive the parkour aspect of the game.


Yeah, a new parkour booster with some new cool blocks and interesting traps could be a nice update.

The alien update added a lot of cool traps, it’d be nice to see something like that once more to make some really nice looking worlds.
Also the farming update suggestion (Farming Update Suggestion) could add some interesting traps that could be obtained that way

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