We need more detailed ban reasons

I think that one-word ban reason just aren’t enough to make the player aware of what their did.
There was one incident, where there was a banwave where lots of people were banned for 14 days. The reason? “Trading”. Seriously? “TRADING”?!
And if you get a permanent ban for hacking, you get told only this: “Hacking”. Great. What kind of hacking? Speedhacks? Flyhacks? Noclip? Fake admin tools?

Even a roblox game, created by one developer, has more detailed ban reasons than a game made by a group of developers:
“Zombie Speedhacks” tells you alot more than just “Hacking”.

Seeing Jake’s “trolling in blacktower” video, where a guy got a permanent ban just due to a belief that a person was using flyhacks, we at least need more detailed reasons as to why were we accussed of hacking, as it would make it easier to submit potential proof of playing legit.

These ban “reasons” are not really helpful, they remind me of rec room, where you can get a permanent ban with the reason being “Moderator”.

If it’s obvious that the player is hacking, that’s it. The banned one knows what they did.
The moderators can not simply name every hack and scam, or when it took place, or where it took place.


ive always thought hacker knows what hack they used :exploding_head:


Most people simply forget about their wrong-doings and pretend that they did nothing wrong to ease their guilt by brushing it under the rug. Some are master manipulators and are really good at deceiving that they are even capable of convincing you to have a negative view of the current staff team because they are not pleased with them. I doubt we need this at all as by the look of what we are able to see, bans are justified and there is no concrete evidence proving it otherwise as far as I know. Putting the effort to let these rulebreakers know of all specifics is unnecessary. Their resources should be kept on the most important stuff.

Jake’s videos that were made regarding mail that he was receiving were a great example of those unban applications. It is pretty funny how most of these people are unable to articulate their thoughts but also sad knowing that they are ruining other players’ gameplay with their greediness and lust for virtual stuff.

PS That player was clearly cheating.


The reason people who are hacking are not given the specific hacks they were banned for is to prevent individuals from circumventing ban systems by simply making small changes to the hacks that got them banned.

If I did wrong, forgetting is much better than remembering everything, better just move on

Them telling what specific kind of hacks were used as your ban reason is just pointless, they hacked either way and will get the same amount of punishment in the end. The ban reasons were already self-explanatory.

Well, it looks like even Rec Room has detailed reasons…

…While PW would only have the “Trolling”…

Simply put if you were banned you most likely know the reason why you were banned.
And if you don’t, you might want to read the rules of the game again.

I can understand if you wanted to know the reason for the length of your ban, but there most likely is a good reason for that too.

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