Weather globe layer glitch

When I used the northen lights weather globe, it was only visible when the world orb was exposed, it was going BEHIND all the blocks and backgrounds, I’m pretty sure this is a glitch because other weather globe’s dont do this

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If I recall its supposed to be more decorative, and the other orbs are weather effects so it makes sense they go over blocks.

well idk about that, nothern globe should be with weather unlike other globes, it would look bad if u see the nothern lights on blocks or backgrounds, so i dont think its bugged or anythin, thats how it supposed to look like

Do you have a picture of the issue?

Epix Lore, well maybe it’s a feature because it’s much different from rain or snow or something.

Thats intentional. The northern lights happen in the sky, and not on ground level, so they apper on the sky level of the background :slight_smile:

with rain and snow its differnt because they both fall to the ground.

Oh alright, would’ve been great to know before I replaced my Halloween weather globe with it lol. But thanks for the info guys