its winter right now and its cold in some places in the world! weathertower is snowing, and tower is made of metal every where you better not lick anything!

This world is pretty much blacktower of winter! so like blacktower, it has a similar start but without the waiting for players thing. layout is pretty simular. you only have one life (This is not a new timerace i had players test this world). of course it will take a few tries before you can master it. the prize sections have opening gates. There’s no lava in this tower though but you do need to get the prizes in time. I didn’t want to, do what most people do where they just build a side tower right next to the start. that looks wrong in my opinion so this world is 3 worlds long! also there’s a minute wait time after a tower starts!

just like pixel manor i did a story for this world (it will be out tomorrow sorry).

if you feel i need to change parts to make them easier just take a picture and upload them here!

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Wow I will check that out right away

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