Welcome back Desti!

Thanks you, guys for the support to help Desti. He has decided to not do it. Also, thank you to everyone who supported him in CRPW! Let’s continue helping others like this guys, we are a small community but we are strong!

Again, thank you for supporting Desti!:grin:


I got scared •́ ‿ ,•̀


Thank you all :slight_smile:


i’m all for mental health and awareness and i’m glad that he is okay but i don’t think posting about it to a forums for a game that consists of primarily kids is appropriate. i will never tell someone not to reach out for help but i think when doing so, you need to consider who you’re asking. you wouldn’t ask a 2-year-old who isn’t a boss baby for financial advice yk. i know of many mental health institutions and resources (mostly Australian) and some have really good forums that are meant for this kind of thing.


Well, you need to be at least 13 years old to plqy pixel worlds legally.

And I guess the same goes for the forums.

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Okay, but I was looking for support primarily and I post about it here because Desti is our family here in Pixel Worlds forum.

If he wants to look for advice, he can go to those forums that you mentioned. We are only giving him support as a community, you know. :blush:


What a transparent lie this has been. Jesus, expect someone to believe that?

One moment wanting to die and going outside, to be rescued by someone walking a dog, then deciding that you want to live. Like they would let you even walk home, or not at least call the police.

And now, everything is fine.

Not even considering posting it on some random forums.


Being suicidal is illegal now?

What the hell do you expect the police to do? Give him a fine? Tell his parents? Then what the hell are his parents gonna do? The same thing that these “someone walking a dog” did? If so, then what’s the point of calling the police?

Looking by how you’re reacting, I guess some people just don’t give a :poop: about others.

He didn’t, he told his friends on discord and mindaw posted it here.

He didn’t post it on the forums himself.


My boy PirahSet stating facts


It’s always easier to say than actually do it.