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i need help. how can i get help???

post a a new thread and explain what happened to you, then we’ll see if we can help you

I need help with my account beacuse i think that it got hacked.
one day when i went to play pixel worlds my game tell me that i got banned for scamming. i switched my password fastly beacuse i think that somebody was in my account. can you unban my account or do you need more evidences?

Hi and welcome to the forums.

Next time it would be better to make a separate thread to ask these sorts of questions. Or better yet, email support@kukouri.com for things like this. Thats the official support email, and they can help you a lot more than any of us forumers can.

But I think it’s important to let you know that there’s no guarantee you will be getting your account unbanned. You likely clicked a malicious link, had a friend/sibling use your account, or were the one scamming yourself. In any case, you’re the one held responsible for things like this. Best of luck.