Welcome to the lore category very cool

Hi new forums, I am New, and Im a player who is very interested in the lore so I hope you guys help me and everyone else figure out and solve the lore in the upcoming puzzles that may happen. Thats all Im gonna say for now cuz yes and F to the old forums


hello new

together we shall solve the mystery of the rift portal!!!



You know what we didn’t try, let’s try those binary codes as the password, it sounds weird but nobody thinks they’ve tried anything like that yet.

Definitely no one in the world tried that.

What happened to the old PW lore discord server? Is it still up or is it gone? Because I’m somehow not in it anymore

Which one specifically?, if you are talking about the pixel worlds’ lore, it’s still available but dead.

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well some player recording when entering rift world so just pause the video you can type the binary codes :smiley: