Well hi there forums

So did the forums get more active? Or not?
Or is it still the same?

more unfair bans ppls saying

idk, mostly kinda active if im not wrong, didnt use forum that much so i didnt really know about it

It’s around the same. But people keep milking certain ongoing things

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Maniacal Laughing

Yeah i backread a lot of topics and PIN got banned

I see, people are bored innit?


Hm, I’ll think of something entertaining to bring here.

Sussy amogus comics?
(Also I am a new regular :D)

Well you are close. Not sus though

Btw congrats on Regular rank. Tbh I lost interest in getting it

I didn’t even know it existed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Also lukepopp was checking in a few days or some weeks ago, just reminding.

Yeah I saw

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