Well, the brainwashing was effective enough

People in PIXELMINES now use BC as price denominators rather than WLs.

Let’s just say that it was somehow successful to convince all people to swap over to the “new future” of BC.

are you still going on about world locks being better than byte coins?

give me one reason world locks are better.


they square bc not :sunglasses:


hey, maybe you should acknowledge that world locks have been untradeable for almost 2 months and you’re the only one who still complains about it. Maybe stop? Okay?

People have proven you goddamn who knows how many times that bytes are better, admit the fact that byte’s ARE better than world locks and move on with your life.


Idk this doesn’t look like he’s crying about it or anything or maybe this is just my brain on the night

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It is being used everywhere and people are really comfortable with the currency.

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You’re on the forums. You decide to look through the main page to find something interesting to look at.
“A new thread by Ondrashek06,” you think to yourself. You’ve known them for a while, they have a reputation in this community.
Clicking on the thread, the page loads. You wonder, what could the topic be about today? Perhaps a new discussion about Pixel Worlds’ moderation system? A topic about the Nintendo Wii and it’s Mii related software? Or perhaps is it another thread about World Locks?

The thread loads. Alas, you read the title. “Well, the brainwashing was effective enough”. Sounds… interesting to say the least. This is Ondrashek06 we’re talking about, of course.
“People in PIXELMINES now use BC as price denominators rather that WLs,” the thread reads. A classic quote, something of quality you’d expect from this user. A strange person, this Ondrashek06. From your perspective, it almost seems as though… They don’t know Bytecoins exist. It almost seems as though they’re lost in history, stuck in the past, waiting for a future that will never come. They’re someone lost to time, never to be the same after seeing something they held dear get taken away from them.

“Let’s say that it was somehow successful to convince all people to swap over to the ‘new future’ of BC.”
Very interesting words. They act as though everyone was on their side this whole time, that the majority of this community agreed with them, when in reality, they’re all alone. After all, it’s only Ondrashek06 who still complains to this day about this inevitable change. Everyone else has been fine with it, and those who weren’t got over it.
It brings to question the inner workings of this indivudual’s mind. How do they think? What do they wish to accomplish? No one knows, perhaps not even themselves.
This is Ondrashek06.


What “brainwashing”? World locks were made untradeable so bytes could be a centralized currency which is best for the community in the long run.

But I think that not making a currency optional, rather forcing it to players seems a bit “over-the-line”. It was literally forced overnight. Just a flag changed in the item’s code that forces people to swap over.

Fun Fact: It’s been known for many years that Bytecoins were meant to be the main currency and the devs have worked hard at making it so. Them making WLs untradeable is really just another step in that.


It’s not about which currency is “better”, it’s about giving people the freedom of choice.

Another game that I used to play, Trove, uses Flux as it’s main currency. It’s used for trading and purchasing off the Marketplace (Trove’s PWE) and other stuff too.

But, some people have also been using penta souls (Trove’s WLs). They’re not flux, one penta soul runs you about 25k flux (idk the current value though.) But, unlike the PW devs, the Trove devs have accepted it as an alternative currency. It is tradable and even usable as an alternate currency in the Marketplace.

This exact situation reminds me of the highway passes.
You used to buy physical passes. Physical passes came with 2 parts: The main part you stick on your car window, and a confirmation part in case of the police checking up on you.
You used the physical passes by writing your license plate # on both the parts, “binding” it to your car and sticking the main part on the car window.

From 2021 though, the government has mandated electronic passes, which omit the car window part but come with drawbacks, such as being stored on unreliable servers. Yet, you can’t find physical passes anywhere anymore. You gotta buy it either on the website or buy a redeem code that you gotta also activate on there.

Yet, Austria uses the exact pass system, though they just don’t care about which variant you use. They offer electronic passes, yet they let you buy physical ones.

It’s just about whether you want to give the people the choice or not. In Trove, pentas have died out because the devs just gave the choice and people found flux better. It would’ve happened to the WLs too eventually, but no, we gotta force 1 “future” currency.

this aint minecraft bruh…

Circles exist.

No it wouldn’t have died out bcs people are used to the wls. I’m assuming that Trove is not affiliated with any other games does the games currency is used.
However PW is affiliated with another game and that game is Growtopia. The main currency of the game is wls and that is why people started using them in PW too
People were just too attached to the wls, and bytes were just a side currency

Another point is that bytes were extremely unstable before wls became untradeable. One day they were 280/wl and the next they were 320/wl and so on

So the point overall is that wls as a currency are extremely unstable and people would have just kept going with them.

This game and trove are two different games ran by two different companies. It’d be like saying “Well Terraria has shotguns so Minecraft should too because they’re both sandbox games.”

I don’t really know how highway passes fit in here. I guess I can see your point about “one thing is mandated and the other cannot be used” but a real life pass and a fictional game currency are just too different to really be compared imo. One requires law and order, while the other is for a fictional game meant for entertainment.

As someone said, world locks likely wouldn’t have died out (your dream come true omg :scream:) but it’d get so unstable and inflated that nothing would work out in the future.

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Saying that world locks would’ve eventually died out is 100% false.

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Okay, Lets get this straight.

why would anyone try to use untradable item as a way to tell something’s price? I mean just listen to this; “hello i want to TRADE you 2 UNTRADABLE wls for 2 TRADABLE soil.” Doesn’t it sound abit odd?

You say it was forced overnight yet people were warned about it about 2-3 weeks before it happened.