Welp , this is sad

Everyone I know in pw kinda quits since the game started becoming boring with nothing to do.

This world has been last updated like 2 months ago, and the last update before that was back in 2020.


It’s weird to see that the people you helped , actually made profit and they succeed in game.


And then there is the 2nd type , that quitted game / gave up on the game.

I’ve been playing for over 4 years now, and there is nothing really special. Everything I achieved it’s worth nothing at the end of the day.

It’s funny how I started with these stuff , and I was collecting everything , but their age value means nothing , just like any item that got cross-bread just now.

and then there is my last collection that was not updated for over months now.

And then I tried to make this world popular so finnish people would have another world , like suomi
but failed , mostly because of getting scammed by an admin in the world.
World became dead and that was it. Later after getting scammed I had the bytes to buy the anniversary radio etc.

Everything you see in the GMs are just people trying to sell their stuff , wasting their time , gems , just to achieve nothing.

Rip my familiar as well. It’s getting old.

This game is that type of game where you come back for the nostalgia but you don’t find the nostalgia.
This thread is going down anyway



Basically sums it up


I wouldn’t say it’s wasting time. Yes it is getting kind of boring. But the reason why I still play is because of accomplishment. It’s very satisfying to get a very expensive item you worked so hard for.

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Pixel Worlds is one of those games that you have to enjoy for what it is at the moment.

It’s difficult to find the nostalgia you’re looking for in games like Pixel Worlds because it’s something that’s constantly changing and evolving. The players around you change, which can heavily impact your experience surrounding the game, new content and updates make the game feel completely different, it isn’t as simple as it was ‘back in the day’, and you change as a person.

Sometimes you’ll seek nostalgia in something and be unable to find it and you have to ask yourself, are you nostalgic for the game itself, or are you nostalgic for how it made you feel at the time?

As I’ve got older, looking back on Growtopia for example, I’ve realized that I’m not nostalgic for Growtopia itself, I’m nostalgic for how it made me feel when I was younger; the memories I made with my friends playing it, the more rudimentary feel it had with how people made worlds and how little people knew about the game, along with the community surrounding it at the time. In your case, I don’t think you miss Pixel Worlds itself, I think you miss how it used to make you feel back then, and the friends that played it with you.


I feel you!

Pixel Worlds is a fun game, but for many people, it’s only fun for a couple of months until the fun starts to wear off and they get bored of the game. I’ve got many friends whom I’ve met and quit because either they got bored of the game, they got scammed, or have simply moved on. Practically all of the friends I’ve met in-game have quit, while the friends I made in Discord were (mostly) here to stay.

I’ve played this game for almost 2 years, and personally, the nostalgia isn’t exactly there for me, since I still consider myself a new player (unlike those who’ve been playing for 3 years, or, heck, even more.)

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if you think about it then all games out there are worth nothing since you don’t make anything real in it

-old reply was super dumb-

Every game seems to be the same, everything changes as time flies. People leaves, new one comes.