Whaddaya think of my sets?

I have 3 main sets, all of which fall under a main theme.
It’s kind of like an in-game OC (Original Character).
Here they are.

1: Human Form

Navy hat, Blue Dreadlocks, Vampire Fangs, Blue Contact Lenses, Sailor Shirt, Noble Elf Pants, White Tights, Light Blue Shoes

2: Monster Form

Mythical Blue Tentacle, Blue Cat Ears, Blue Dreadlocks, Blue Racer Visor, White Racer Mask, Vampire Fangs, Frost Ring, Faun Ears, Blue Contact Lenses, Sup-A-Fly Wings, Alien Tail, Sailor Shirt, Noble Elf Pants, White Tights, Winter Fox Shoes

3: Monster Form (Alternate)

Same as above, but you equip Snowball Gun and Blue Lizard Helmet.

So what’s your favorite one?
Also, do you have a set that’s sort of like an original character to you? If so, show me, I’d love to know!

?? Is there supposed to be images attached?

Yes there is, just open up the summary tabs

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I’d choose the 2nd one, looks best IMO…
Screenshot_20201218-215136_Pixel Worlds~2 I’m barely wearing anything but i just like using this

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I like all the sets.

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I like the 1st & 2nd.
The 3rd is based on my type of sets which is a no for me.

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