What admin was this made for?

some of you might have seen this in the world NEVERWHERE which was made by @EndlesS there was no reason given why the item exists and why he only owns it, heres a picture ( the hair if on the left )

i’m really confused why this item was even made.

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What admin was this made for?

Who was this made for?
Death of the Endless

kinda weird why he would make that item.


Whats that picture from.

I don’t know which exact issue (assuming it isn’t fan art), but it’s from Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman.

The entity in the picture is Death of the Endless.

OHH. that explains it, probably because hes a huge sandman fan.

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It was for the LadyDeath account

i’ve heard of ladydeath but why was that account even created?