What are some good mass produce worlds?

I had one saved a long time ago but I can’t seem to find it.

What do you mean by that? Sorry I don’t understand. I don’t think you can mass produce worlds

I think he’s asking for some worlds that gives tips and advices to mass produce items.

Now regarding to the main topic, I haven’t seen these type of worlds since 2017-2018 I believe…
These worlds are not so common nowadays, but back in the early days there were.

To be honest, I don’t think there are any updated Mass Production worlds. I 'm afraid that you will have to figure out how to mass produce by yourself.
However, it’s not that hard. You can easily search for the recipes that you will need for the final product, and make an approximation of how many seeds you will need for your project.

You’re right, there is a list of recipes at the Esc tab, you might aswell check it out but before it appears you have to discover it by yourself first, you can seek help from others. Currently Safes are good to mass produce.

Oh ok, good to know.

Well there’s a lot of goods to be mass produced. But first ,You can do some surveys on what people needs and demands .

For example Portals people demand a lot because its useful in making parkours and etc.
and lastly keep that on mind that prices of an specific mass produced item may vary regarding on its demand .

So Cheers @VeryTall
Happy Farming.