What are the odds?

I recently got legendary items from the bronze chest i only open like 2 keys does anybody know the odds of this happening?

RNGods have blessed you…
But seriously that’s great luck

but i think i used my whole life luck just to get 5wls worth of item

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Best thing i got was circuit shard once…

Your lucky. some content creators makes this kind of videos and ended up with no legendary, big sad.

how much is it?

well im estimating 1 in 200

I met a guy in my world Yml asking for bronze key since that day i was playing Secret Base, and I have tons that time and gave him 1 and he got a Fushion Shard. I didn’t know if its true or trolling.

extremely high chance he was trolling why wouldn’t he show you and if he did he could have easily already had one

bronze chests are very underrated when i open them i get a legendary every 15 chests or something so yea u are lucky but not as lucky as a legendary from black tower for example

Well, the chances of that happening are really low. We can say you got lucky in there (: