What are your opinions on the new forums?

Wow is it good to be back c:, what are your opinions on the new forums? Interested in knowing what people think about this.


Looks good, just sometimes it takes forever to load but its freshly made so thats understandable.


Wasn’t a huge fan at the start but its kind of grown on me and I love it now
So much better than the previous one :sunglasses:
Plus now I have a bunch of emojis :flushed:

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They look better than the old forums but the delays on the server are pretty significant so far.

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The other day, I said that the forums didn’t go far enough with the Pixel Worlds theme, which I’ve changed my opinion on now. They’re easy to understand, and fun to use, despite being slightly slow, but that seems to be improving slightly on my end. I definitely prefer them to the old forums. And also, welcome!

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I honestly wish we had the data from the old forums (I know the devs tried their best. im also aware of the wayback machine) I really like the dark theme tho.

it looks more modern and nice, also, welcome back

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Looks better but still not used to it

The new forum is a lot better. It’s even really well optimized for mobile.

I really like the new forums, it is definitely an upgrade. Although the speed gets annoying sometimes.

I like the dark design. The forums load too slow but I’m sure that’s going to get fixed in the future.

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Ehhh not bad, but I would’ve appreciated a warning that all our threads were going to be deleted. Lost a lot of information which I had stored on old forums.


yep that’s definitely the biggest bummer for me.

This is true for me i guess

9/10 and 10/10 if loading becomes faster.

They definitely revamped it very nicely, the old forums was slow and didn’t respond as well, this new forum is so much better, glad they improved it.

New forums is more simplier. I also like that its mobile friendly. I love the old forums still, because it just gives me nostalgia.

Only thing that annoys me is that sometimes this forum is really slow for me, but it could be because I use mobile.

I don’t have loading issues anymore, it’s probably been a day since I last had them here.