What Character, NPC or whatever should I draw

Okay so what character in PW should I draw? It can be an NPC, or the characters from the boosters or something else that I forgot to mention

Also you can suggest hybrids or whatever it’s called (Example : Staff Caster and Abyss Walker)
I’ve already drawn Turok, Pixie Glitterbug and Jacko so don’t suggest that unless you want to suggest a hybrid
Have a jacko face

(I’m not going to make a poll there’s too many characters in PW)


Maxson being in charge of the pets store, inspired by that one glitch back then.


Da bot. (20 characters)

Clan npc in pixelstation
I love that one

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After some thought I’ll post some as a topic and some as a reply here

(The ones that are topics will include more effort)


The rat or mole or…i dunno

It’s a mole.

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