What commands can be used in the game?

I’m a new player, so it’s only natural that I don’t know what the advantages are in the game. I just want to ask what commands are in the PW game? Please those who know everything, comment below.

Firstly, welcome to the game and to the forums! A fresh face is always nice.

Secondly, could you elaborate on what you mean by “commands” and “advantages in the game”?

The game doesnt use any commands, more like a bunch of context menus.

You can summon a player by clicking on them with a wrench and selecting summon, you can also trade with them, ban and kick them and report them that way.

Wrenching a world lock you could give people full or minor rights to your world, or trade the world.

There’s much more, too much to write.

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is there a command to visit the world of the person who last did a global message

If you’re on a computer you can right-click on the message to warp to it. On mobile you hold down on the message.

You mean this?


never knew i :skull:

Ye probably that. Cuz a command to warp the last gm would be useless, just click on it. A hotkey would speed up the process though.

If you’re referring about a commands like Growtopia, Pixel worlds doesn’t use a chat command like that.
If you want to warp a global message, you can hold the message and press warp to world