What could be new perks?

What could be new Perks If developement is going to make them?

I hope they do release soon!


i bet “chance to double provider” perk and “More gemstone” perk

For clan perks, there should be the same fishmonger bonus for gemstones.

As well as for normal perks, there should be one where you get more XP from mining, etc.

mining perks, maybe a jet race perk

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Perk - Lifesteal: Killing a monster gives 5% Health to you. - [Based on the Monsters Health]

  • Example: Killing a Monster with 300 Health, will grant you 15 Health.

Suggusted this perk almost 1,5 years ago (16 Months), just in another way. :slightly_smiling_face:


Perk: Glass cannon - 200% extra damage 80% less health


That would be OP for the people who are good at the game and never get hit

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I’m not that skilled on sb boss but I can still dodge the first parts a few times before I get hit and I just want more damage man the numbers I get now are still not enough for me

Just like the perk when you increase chance for blocks to re drop. But instead of blocks it is seeds

That’s pretty overpowered lol