What did I do?

I got banned for 3650 for hacking when I wasn’t involved with hacking or some sort. I’d like to get unbanned because I’ve done nothing but be inactive. I’m a mobile player and there is no way I can hack the game when I’m innocent.

Hello! I’m so sorry to hear that. Sadly, the Forum is not the place to discuss the punishment you are currently serving. But if you believe that you were wrongfully banned, please contact our support and make a ban appeal there. please contact support: support@kukouri.com

these forums are exactly the place to do that
they have even made this button redirect any player who is pressing it to this website

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please someone help me bro im got banned for 3650 days for hacking , im think im got banned bc im pick fishes so much fast pls someone help me bro im worked so much to get all im have