What do we know?

I recently have been getting slightly intrigued by Pixel Worlds Lore. But I can’t find too much info about it that isn’t from almost a year ago.
So if anyone knows anything, fill me in! Trying to get up to date! :slight_smile:

Talk to PaterLuksinton#5938 on discord.
He knows more than enough.

Most of the info I can gather are here
Everything we know of ADE and the Lore so far might be a little outdated tho

Well… i recommend you to join blackwight disord server about the lore, we made tons of discoveries there, like infos about the new card thing

And also some infos i discovered about the rift portal

Here is the link :

I thought we were not allowed to share the discord link in public :thinking:

Why not?? I’m inside the group and ive never heard that rule

for gatekeeping reasons

You are allowed to join theres no such thing as gatekeeping some random lore.


I mean , at some point there was.
If you wanted to invite someone , you had to ask an admin on the server since they were the only ones that could have created invite links.

I got the link from someone posting it on the forum

I wanna know so id have an excuse to use this music

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You can’t find info about it because PW lore doesn’t exist.