What do we need more than moderation?

Moderation of moderators


Tbh makes sense but also no? Maybe just make sure that mods do their job :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s the point of the joke, most of them don’t

Ok this is controversial but I think many mods just log on to make a YouTube vid of banning scammers or dares and then just leave and chill in discord. I do like the mods tho, they all are pretty cool

I have my reservations. I have high hopes for Zithi tho, and I love Seaf and nico

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then we will need mods for them and so on

That’s what I meant by “Also no?”

it is not controversial, you just have not seen the dark side of moderators yet

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Uh oh? What dark side-

nico and zithi are possibly the cleanest moderators for this game, that is all you need to know


Join to the dark side


Oh mey got its darth serxAn

You look like that funny red guy that got split in half

Truthfully I think mods should be paid employees that work at their office. That are required to come in at work each day and that is their job. It would be more professional that way.

True, but I think money stability is already an issue… Maybe if they were as well off as GT (which totally still didn’t do that lol)

the dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural

Facts person who exists at a higher level

Its not the best option as it disallows for multiple time-zone coverage unless mods have a nightshift. Even then it’s still not a great idea due to Kukouri having to make it so it’s actually worth it finances wise to do so. If Kukouri was a multi-million company sure, then maybe but at the moment its not possible.

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Never heard of Zithi at all.

Admins are supposed to keep an eye on mods and the things they do, but Kukouri’s wound still hasn’t healed from the time they shot themselves in the foot.