What do you have to do to get regular badge?

So only 13 people as of now have it. There is already a description about it but like, specifically what do you do?

The discourse requirement don’t apply any more because dev changed them. I think it has to do with recent read time and reading posts.

I became a regular recently with PirahSet. We did not expect to be granted such responsibility!

I was not targeting myself to be a regular. what I did was trying to be a nice and polite person in the Pixel worlds forum community.

I liked to read what other people wrote and I gave feedback to them.

sometimes there were some people who gave me likes and I really appreciated it.

so I also tried to give as many likes as possible for comments that I think are very useful and positive. I also gave likes when I have the same opinion as them.

Most importantly, be active. :wink:


Oh okay

I don’t really care about this badge except i’d like to see that exclusive subforum again.


I think that there’s a blacklist which states what people will not get the rank.

I did not hear of any specific requirements to get one. However, I would assume that being active in the forums is a big part of it. Merely it is much more difficult to get it.

no :slight_smile:
i don’t think they care that much

getting regular isn’t a big deal. you only get the badge and access to lounge. LOUNGE IS DEAD KEKW :shushing_face:

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Lounge be like:

I heard getting suspended in the forum prevents you from getting the “Regular” badge.

I wasn’t ever banned, only muted. Does that impact it?

It does impact, you will need to wait 6 months according to Discourse official.

6 months blacklist for a 1-day mute? Thank you, Freak…

Hehe :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The #lounge is inactive honestly. But being a regular is like being a forum minimod, which is interesting imo.:smiley:

When i had Regular back then you had more powers, you could change the subforum of other threads and such, but it turned out to be too op, now you can only edit wiki or something.

Also most of active forumers had this badge before they changed the requirements

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Oh, I didn’t know that “regular” badge got nerfed…

Yep, now it’s just like another badge lmao

Edit: You can actually change subforum on a post and rename them according to description of regular badge.


well they forgot to change the description i guess

i don’t think my flags are powerful either as the description says

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Basically, read every single thread that exists. Don’t need to talk that much, just read.