What do you think about Growstocks but for Pixelworlds?

growtopia has a fan-made site called https://growstocks.xyz/ which people can use to report and update item prices.

Would you use a site like this if there was a pixelworlds version of it?

personally i don’t think i would use this site if i was a normal player, but if I was someone who is looking for items to invest in, then I would use a site like this for it’s long term price history graph

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Relying on the community for prices is always a bad idea, because nothing is set in stone, and people will always take advantage of that. It’s not hard to find the price of an item with a bit of research anyway.


hmmm there actually could be site for it, example it has moderator’s which job is to update prices.

i am not investing to nothing currently, but the idea is pretty good.

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My own opinion is yes. Because you can check the prices of items you wanna buy( oh wait pwe value exists)

I would use pwe graph more than a website too, but I was thinking that it would be nice to have a long-term price graph that could show over monthes :smiley:
it could be helpful to deicide what items to buy (like what items are rising)

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As a former editor of Growstocks, I can say it’s not worth it.

To make it simple and saving money, a world with all of the items prices is already acceptable.

Yea but this is also based for world lock to pl currency

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Very good idea, i have been waiting for such a site for a long time.

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I would prefer the PWE graph for most items because it’s more official and harder to manipulate, Than a website. A Website is easier to manipulate, the prices because they can change the prices in their favor to profit. Another thing too is all the price worlds we have ever gotten in pixel worlds haven’t lasted like went, mag, prices etc. The same thing could happen to a website if there are issues with price manipulating and other things like that. I would only use it for more expensive items that don’t usually get sold in PWE. But I would still ask people the price because it could be outdated or manipulated.

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If it is managed by a trusted play then yes, but I would still probably use the PWE graph more. But then again, if world locks become untradeable then there would be no point for a website like this.

PWE is already growstocks but Pixel Worlds.

But it’s only got bytecoins*

I was wondering if Jake would make something like this but he will make the OFFICIAL price, that NOBODY can change. But then again, that ruins the aspect of the game since in the app store if you see it, there is a pic saying “you sell items, under YOUR price” or something like that.

The developers don’t decide the prices the community does.

it would be pretty cool if there was an API which people could get item prices and stuff live

Would be cool if the game had any API at all frankly, PWE price history isn’t the only thing that could have that either

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it has graphs…


Wouldn’t recommend it. Unless having more than 20 staffs thats daily online, since pw economy is kinda 2x unstable than gt.

Yeah, the same with most economies.

yeah, i could imagine with some api you could see the listings in PWE and their price, time left, etc.
same for the orders side of the PWE.
it would be so cool for different stuff like discordbots : O

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