What do you think about more MMOs existing?

MMOs like Growtopia, Pixel Worlds, Pixel Vortex, Breaworlds, Stellaria, Zootopia.

From what I see, time by time. they tend to exist more. I know they only got inspired by making it but some games just copy another games items/perspective/themes. Shouldn’t they get copyright strike by copying another games items? also, and because more MMOs existing. (Pixel Vortex will be released in 2022 (unconfirmed) and Stellaria in June 1 (Beta X version) every games will slowly fade (more players will become inactive if they get addicted on a game and might delete the game) and I know gt will be affected first then the game, pw.

I can say old players has the highest rate on quitting the game than new players.

What do you think about more MMO games existing? And what will happen to our game if two or more MMO games will exist?

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I don’t think they should get a copyright strike if copying items as in getting inspired by them. If that is the case Pixel Worlds would get a few copyright strikes from Growtopia because i’m pretty sure Ubisoft hates pixel worlds. If they straight up rip items that could be a copyright strike because there stealing somone else work.

Hi 1NB4,

I think three things might happen:

  1. People move to games that are better and old games will die. (ex: Harvest Moon to Stardew Valley)
  2. New games cannot defeat the old games ( ex: Minecraft and other Minecraft alts)
  3. People like both new games and old games, and play most of them ( ex: Terraria and Starbound, Stardew Valley and Kineseed and Gravekeeper)

If new games don’t have originality, People won’t be interested to download or even play them.

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Its dumb. Pixel Worlds and Growtopia and the only well made ones. I despise how people just think they can make an awesome MMO like Growtopia without them even knowing how to code. I’ve seen many god damn games having discord servers set up and communities made only for the game to just never be released. We already have 2 really good ones (I mean I dont like Growtopia that much but still)
People are just trying to make money because of the success they’ve seen from these games.


Ikr, 2 ppl pm’ed me to join their discord server and ended up seeing it’s a new game that wasn’t released it.

It is possible, just look at growtopia’s Nyan hat. It got striked and the hat turned into turtle hat.

It’s just, if you see bw’s items and textures. Then you know.

I don’t think pw would get any copyright stoked because they made some originals into it.

Well it would be sad if the devs of PV gets their game striked, so they should try something original both in the mechanics and items

Hey Guys,

I hope we don’t be skeptical and talk negatively about those games, instead, we should support them. At least, don’t bring them down. I am not even one of the developers but I feel sad when I see these comments.

Remember when Pixel Worlds first launched? so many people were skeptical and said Pixel Worlds is a copy of Growtopia. Now, we play both of them. :rofl:


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Well yes, it’s not my intention to spread negative feedbacks. Its just, after hearing the dracula cape in bw. I have no choice…

Yes, more of them would bring more life to these games.

As much as i have seen, there’s no copied items.

I know i might be biased, but it’s because i just want these games to success.

Glad to hear that, I’m happy! :grin:

Wow, is everything in Breaworlds copied from Growtopia? If yes, then it’s really bad. :slightly_smiling_face:

Me too, it would be great if these games are given a chance. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

i dont think they can overthrow gt and pw

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Exactly, because both games has already made a way to make their perspective or the way the game works originally.

Breaworlds copying pixel worlds items* whereas copying growtopian body textures.

Oh, trust me. If that were to be applied, they’re gonna get a few. Here are some for example =

Sephiroth’s One Wing
Genie’s Lamp, having the same release month as Aladdin.
Elephant Ears, having the same release month as Dumbo.
Hellfire Horns, having the same release month as Hellboy.

IOTMs used to be creative, the community used to make like, a lot of unique items. Now it’s just a plain copypasta from box office cinemas.

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The GT forumers alr know that iotms for now, are based on famous Disney characters. old known animes from the 90s+. their game.

I used to remember when the community designed their IOTMs. Zraei’s Dragoscarf was one of them. Despite the bad design, it’s still creative and original to say the least.

Ubisoft has made the game into a :money_with_wings: now.

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The ubiteam was actually great until nekorei became their community manager but I’ll stop

I rlly don’t like it when I remember my GT past, and you’ve just reminded me :cold_face: