What do you think? (II)

What do you think? should i add a parkour area? can you rate it? 1-5.
as far as i know, i like my work.

yeah its nice but to make a parkour you should use up all of the world for example something im making

you wont really get wotw if you only use up the bottom of the world

i might add a parkour to the free space area and ill add a vip room for those winners. thanks for the advice!

yeah your welcome bro

Why have you not proposed this to WOTW submissions yet?

its probably because some areas arent completed yet. as what i can see.

its not finished yet it nearly is tho

Suggestion :.
Above the sky lies a cloud kingdom that unveils under the moonlight, they don’t take intruders as enemies, but their king thought it’d been best if he put traps to block the intruders for the safety of his people

The story can be told via mannequins or signs (or maybe others)

i dont know how a camp-themed world can turn into that, i can make that but i must plan it first.

Oh it’s a camp theme, then I actually have absolutely no idea whatsoever of how to make a story out of that XD

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im thinking of camp + parkour + riddle and password guess to make it more intresting.

What’s world name? (20 character s)

wdym its just a pw tool for now, this will be held in the world INB4 (my main world). theme - camp-social place?
im pllanning on the second world that ill be attempting wotw with the theme of halloween and riddles.

edit: ppl said it dosent matter if its a parkour or not, tho. im still planning it.
its just, it may destroy the place ig?

I never said it should be a parkour I said

I meant if you were going to make a parkour

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thanks, im just stressed or i mean confused on what i think, but im 100% sure im going to sumbit this.