What do you think is the best place to grind

Is it the mines or is it fishing or farming or being in the nether
Please let me know and other people your opinion :slight_smile:

my opinion, fishing. it allows me to spend less time looking at the screen whilst earning gems. i can just have it in the background and alt+tab when i hear a strike.

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Nice i dont like fishing because i dont have patience

Mining. I have been playing for 4 hours per day for one week, and I’ve earned around 20 World Locks per day. Today, I have played for 4, and I’m already on my way to 50 World Locks in one day today.

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nether and mining for new players, then go advance by fishing if your experienced. make the rod to flawless [carbon] or superior[bamboo].

there are many ways to profit, but most of all. being with friends is enjoyable.

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Nice good job :slight_smile:


Mining by a longshot. I used to think fishing gave me tons of gems… and then I got the epic axe and a nice mining set. I can crank out upwards of 100k+ gems in just a couple hours if I put my full focus into the game.

Thats nice i wish i cud afford epic pickaxe :confused:
But im far from that so i will still try

its pretty easy to get up to an epic axe. Grinded from the starting pickaxe to an epic axe in about a weeks time. Just gotta be dedicated

I also started with the worst pickaxe. Tomorrow, I can afford the master pickaxe.

Depends on how much WLS you’ve got to spend. For early game I recommend Nether and farming. When you’ve got some worldlocks to spend I recommend fishing and mining.

For starters, I’d say you should go for nether. It’s quite cheap, and the profit is pretty big if you compare it to the cost, not ot mention that it gives a good amount of XP. You probably also need no budget, if you’re really good in PvE. It gets pretty old, sadly. As you get richer, you might need a better grinding system.

Farming is also a good grinding system for starters. All you need is 1 WL, and you’ve got yourself 999 Spike Bombs. Farm them, and you’ll end up with around 2-3k gems. Not to mention that this method gives the most XP from all 4 methods (iirc). But like nether, it gets pretty old and boring. So you probably want to move on to other methods.

Fishing is good for intermediate classes, since the budget you’d need is pretty cheap (but not as cheap as nether). Gives you quite decent gems, and a pretty good amount of XP. The best part of it, is that you can multitask while doing it. Do your assignments, watch Youtube, etc. As long as your PW Tab is still running, you can basically AFK Fish for the whole day.

Mining, is probably the best of the bunch. It’ll cost you a lot of WLs (even PLs) to spend however, but once you mastered it, you should be getting tons of gems per hour (more gems than fishing), and quite a lot of WLs. Just make sure you don’t die in the mines, otherwise you’d be experiencing loss.


Mine this is legit the beat leo