What do you think is the better outift? Choose one and why

Im gonna use this for the photo thingy, I cant decide what to use yet so I need your help please take it seriously.

I think its number 1 because it looks simple.
I think its number 2 because it wears beautiful cloth.
I think its number 3 because it looks cooI.
Know im confused what to pick.

None of those look good

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:skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones: Anyways the 3 is not bad not good just right

Take set 3.
It makes you look like an average player. Maybe bit richer.

Set 1 makes you kinda look like some noob fisher imo.

Don’t use set 2. It makes you look like an absolute starter. (atleast for everyone who plays atleast since the last halloween update)

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In my eyes set 1 looks like a humble fisher trying to feed his fam.

I pick 1 imo

Set 2 is literally just 2 items from a set so you didn’t put any thought into it

set 3 makes no sense, it’s the equivalent to those rich player sets who throw random items on in attempt to look rich, except this is the non-rich variant

Set 3 is my nether set.

  1. look like a fisher
  3. nether set?

1.Yes I know thanks.
2.Item names is like Japanese idk they fit together.
3.Yes it is my nether set very cheap and easy to use.