What do you use pw instagram for?

Ive gathered about 260 followers on my pw ig, but ive never actually posted anything. What am i supposed to post on there? If you use pw ig, what do you use it for? Genuinely curious

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Personally i use it to do random stories or stories to try look for a seller / buyer of an item. I post mostly stuff about my channel there soo…

Well i don’t know… you can post about the game or such…


I use Instagram for, eh let’s just say, curiosity and enjoyment purposes, ha :sweat_smile:.

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I used to be making memes but i got demotivated and now all i do is just see what people do

I don’t use instagram

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I just post random pw content on my PW account, and on my personal, I post my art

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I just post my art and that’s it, but I do view posts by other people that interest me

posting arts and stuff, barely used it to advertise things.

well thats the type of crap i post

Dont stop mad keep doing memes make people happy.