What do you watch on youtube?

  • I watch Animations
  • I listen to songs
  • I educate myself
  • I watch minecraft videos
  • I watch PW videos
  • I watch m e m e s
  • I watch gaming videos
  • I’m just going to show you my browser history
  • Others

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searching meme for my video i always do it like…

etc lol

Korone Live. (20charactrs)

I bet no ones gonna give their browser history

Wanna see my browser history? :wink:

Yes, if your not embarrased or have not erased some of your browser history

i actually do everything on the list

They really knew how to make good music back in the 20s, 30s and 40s.

I also like to watch educational cooking tutorials.

I won’t show the rest of what I watch.

Well, I use Youtube for academic duties, sometimes to listen to music, and barely for watching memes.
And yes, I do not watch PW videos on youtube, except for some of the official channel ones, some Livestream Highlights and rarely community creations.

just music.

I Recommend you watching Owl City (He makes music)