What does clan age mean?

When I’ve been in a clan for 2 days it still shows that my clan age is 0 days. It makes it confusing because when I’ve donated 1500 gems in 3 days then it shows that my clan age is 1 day. So can anyone explain?

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you were stuck in a time loop, and while it was 2 days for you it was only 2 minutes for everyone else
(only logical explanation)


You contributed for the clan once
Clan age= days of contribution to the clan

Thank you, now I understand

I doubt that’s how it works.

Still aging even if he doesn’t contribute daily.

I would also like to add that we once had 2 members. 1 with 0 contribution (exp and gems) and he still reached 7 days. The other one only donated 69 gems at the first day and no other contributions after that and also aged 7 days

Based on Commanderder’s observation, I guess it depends on the no. of hours you have been present in the clan regardless if you are on/off or if you contributed or not. If you have been in the clan for 24 hours, then that is a day.

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