What event do you like the most on pixel worlds 😁

What pixel worlds event do you like the most

Hmm hard to choose man there has Been so Many good ondes i dunno what about you

Probably halloweel blacktower :smiley:

I like the xmas because you can get presents :slight_smile:

many. but i cant choose yet because ive started last dec of 2020. ill learn more for the events.

best to worst events in my opinion

  1. Halloween- pretty great and fun (most unique one with the black tower)
  2. Summer event- Great items and carts spawn at a set time (I wish they would bring back the 3 tiers of quests from 2017 tho)
  3. Easter event- Most interesting of the booster events in my opinion (maybe because i started around this time in 2017)
  4. Saint patricks day-Honestly i don’t care for this event the booster is lame and the quest is too time consuming to do as pots could spawn randomly usually 3-4 hours (as of 2019 they made it where you 2 players for them to spawn)
  5. xmas- the booster is alright sometimes they add some good items like the Frost born or penguin set.
  6. Valentines day-The items are alright like the sweetheart sword some not as good.

Summer because i can just chat with people and get ice cream :fish:

St Patricks and summer quests are my favorites since there is a lot of profit to be made there.
Also because there are a lot of new cool items that are introduced in those updates.

halloween is my fav one why?

its because of blacktower ofcours
it was realy fun playing it and i liked summer too

The shorter events like Cinco de Mayo and the Anniversary events are some of my favorite since they are easily accessible and generally give you something to do for the few days it lasts. Speaking of which, an anniversary event should be coming shortly, which is exciting

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I’d always be looking for the β€œPlease Recycle!” event.
It’s fun to break the economy :slightly_smiling_face:

Definitely the black tower one.

My favorite is Black Tower for sure,… but

The most cozy event for me is Xmas, even though i wish there was more added to it, or more events… Just more to do, to make it even better and more fun.