What goals have you set for yourself but never accomplished them?

It can be pixel worlds related or not. For the ones I want to discuss, it’s sort of pw related.

1.) Pixel Worlds Comic Universe (PWCU)

So yeah, this one comes off as a letdown to those who followed me on this. Tothose who don’t know/forgot:

  • I planned on making hand drawn comic books that uses pixel worlds characters, and I’ll digitally add the speech bubbles. My pfp was my first “concept art” on a Punchpool comic book. I was going to start with a comic series about PW Superheroes (Super Sam, Punchpool, Night Chick, Blackbird etc.). I will then spread out to other things:

  • A series about miners

  • A series about a nether hunter searching for those lost in the nether

  • And I had an idea that I didn’t share before but it’s a Suicide-Sqaud” type series that will include characters based on random sets in game but will include npcs such as Satyr and a new version of the pet shop sisters.

So yeah this never followed through. The closest thing you got to these was the teaser I made for Punchpool. Here but my old art is bad Xd: First few pages of Heroes of the Pixels: Punchpool 1

Will I return to this? Well I honestly depends on the state of the game. Probably I’ll be interested in reviving this if Pixel Worlds makes an epic comeback of some sorts. If it doesn’t, then I’ll rewrite some of these stories I prepared and make it an original story by me (not based on pw).

Again, I apologize to those who wished to see this, it was the most ambitious pw project I’ve thought of but I was young and didn’t really have any preparation so I wasn’t able to keep up with myself on this one.

(I also remembered that EndlesS was following me on this as well, and I was his most liked account because of these things last time I checked)

2.) Short movie

The short movie in pw was called “Mask of gold” so yes it will involve the gold mask item. I typed up a script and even got a few actors ready. It didn’t follow through however as I still needed more training in editing (which eventually I lost interest in). I still have the script though.

3.) Pixel Pages

This has something to do with my PWCU. Basically it’s a group where I with other players write and draw the comics under PWCU. One of them even designed our logo. It fell apart because of the reason why PWCU fell off.

So yeah, here’s mine, now what are yours?

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There are a few videos I wanted to make but lost passion for PW along the way given the state of the game…

My other goal is to have one of all wings, but of course they had to mess that up by making angel wings have the stupidest obtainment method of all time.


I once did like a sht ton of polls but I gave it up as I saw that there was no point in it.
Like it was just some kinda ‘‘tournament’’ or so between the forumers but I just ended it at some point, I remember one time where I was just looking at the people competing and like more than a fourth of the people had already left the forums.

I just want to say that I’ve got nothing against new people joining the forums, but it really isnt the same, like I remember when the new forums got launched, it was just a few people discussing stuff in threads or whatever, all nice people, but over time just one by one left, not many left at this point.

Really ambitious goal yo got there, how many (out of) were you able to get?

Yo I remember that, I would open it and iirc I would also vote. I remember you pairing me up with RetNos and I won. If it were now however, RetNos wouldve won.


Better to say the ones I’m missing, angel wings, jade wings and wings of the deep

Yeah WOTD are expensive as heck, Jade wings are new. And by the way I forgot to ask, how were Angel Wings obtained?

Purchased directly from Lokalapsi for 100k+ I think.

whats wotd price rn

my own cartoon
i have episodes sketches and storyboard already. i am just too bored for animating/dont have drawing tablet

Making dark jet pack from nether stones i get from deep nether
I have had stopped many times and gotten back to it many times and currently i have 50 nether stones

Another project (not really a goal) i had planned on doing was making pw resource pack to Minecraft but i moved on making resource packs to other games. I were not that good at making them back then anyway, but i have gotten better at making them

just wanna say we never left, i still come back once in a while. good old memories never die

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Ngl, i have few projects i want to do for videos for example, but i need a lot of wealth and i’m poor… soo meanwhile i do some trading sometimes to get some extra bytes for that project that is on my to do list since barely a year. Idk… maybe if i’m good enough with trading, you’ll see that S0P project coming before summer.

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Wait… did i just leaked the code of my next project? :fearful:

Winning all fishing tournament and card tournament

Oh ok, interesting way to obtain something.

Nice one, at least you already planned out episodes. Hope you get a drawing tablet in the future.

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@Oskukso I remember one time I also thought of grinding for Dark Jetpack but I lost motivation. And seeing minecraft blocks as pixel worlds blocks in-game would be cool tho.

@RetNos Wish you good stonks buddy.

@Blackwight Ambitious goal you got there too, what caused you to lose interest in it btw?

My goal has always been to quit the game, but alas I’m still around with my crippling Pixel Worlds addiction :cat:

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