What happened to jake

so you know that dodreams pulled jake right of pixel worlds game (mmo sandbox)
as far as i know they fired him right after he created something for their game and they used it for gameplay

You don’t know what you are doing and we don’t like you

what ;-;
(is this supposed to be a quote)

by further information i learned that he was trying to make the the game “more free to play”

so my half-joke was actually correct, Jake wasn’t money hungry enough to keep his job there

He got fired because he wanted to revert the 3.0 update which made the game exponentially worse, or at least remedy it. The game right now is a literal microtransaction hell with battlepasses and levels available only for paid battlepass users…


Man, this is highly unlikely, but Jake could (COULD) return. That chance of happening is pretty low though, but we can only hope for the best!


Oh yea it is lol
Sorry if it sounded rude

i dont even know what happen to jake, and where do he work now lol

He is unemployed currently so who knows if he won’t find a good job soon he could return to Kukouri.

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He has already been offered a game designer position for a completely new game. Source: Jake on his discord server.

That’s good, after all he’s done we definitely don’t need him in Kukouri anymore.

What has Jake done wrong at Kukouri?

Probably referring to the BC store deflation.

But Jake was still kilometers better than the 1 or 2 people working on PW now.

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Wait how did Jake cause deflation?

That’s just one of the many bad decision, among lies and fake promises.

Can you elaborate further?

I hope he can make a return