What happened with lifeguard's shorts

They were 7-8k bc and boom 1200 bc :pensive:

Is it even reach 1k bc?

3 reasons: Price Manipulator, Items increasing in-game or players needing bytecoins urgently.

or you bought it for expensive?
Might be wrong with items increasing since I’ve never heard of lifeguard shorts before, but all items that can be obtained to any events eventually drops.

Uhh dude it was 1wl months ago

I got it for free from my old account world

Decayed world duhhhh

I’m mad at those who rose strawberry hats to 5000-6000 bc. I bought them 5wls each and now it costs 1-2

When hoarded item releases the prices tends to drop .

When an item is being hoarded the prices may rise due to :
its hard to find
and its not available anymore.
lastly it keeps on rising .

until hoarders releases it.
and the cycle repeats over and over.

Lifeguard shorts were 7-8k bc? I thought they were like max 500bc

Hmmm that’s odd. I thought they were no more than 400 byte coins, since they were the first prize from the Summer Questline of 2019

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  • random
  • shorts
  • battlefield
  • ally
  • autonomy
  • nuclear
  • copper
  • jewel
  • extent

Nuclear? (Brruuuuuhhh)