What I do the whole day

All I do is just go to 2 nether than sell random items in pwe from my world

I just try to sell some items and mostly hangout on the forums, regardless good luck in your profits!

I only just like get every rare items there and sell them

Oh cool

i mine all day and open booster packs with extra gems i got. its alot fun and great profit.
sometimes i make flags in my world flagz to sell the world later

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I guess this much for today

Ayo wna add me in pw my username is rengoku_kyojiro

sure why not
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where are you right now?

Come to my world drgs

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when will you come? or maybe later

Also hammad change your name it has a typo in it.

Ok sorry my dad had the phone so now you can come

im there and waiting.

So you spend your whole day playing the game?

If we could lmao, we leave home for school at 8:40~ then school starts at 9:10~then it goes straight till 4:30~. Also mind you we have to sleep at roughly 9 o’ clocc

i… kinda do. i am real bored at home

I do try and action whatever event is going on.

I also have loads of worlds with projects in .

Currently my main long termer is getting 2 stacks of wooden platform seeds and if poss a stack of concrete ones. That will lead to some other stuff …

I’m also working on several worlds (things to do / see) to feature , via portal, from my Fishermansss world.
That also needs stuff doing to it . If I need it I try and grow it .

I cannot resist looking for new worlds and I try and check a ‘list’ I have

I have just finished, finally sorting out my hub… Before that spent months on my storage - everything, no matter what it is, has a place ! LoL - at least i can find anything !

On top of that i collect hats, caps, hair, gloves, and clubs/canes/sticks.

Phew… I need to go play now