What if our avatars had standing animation?

If they make standing animation in future what would you think?


I like the idea, but it would take a lot of time to make as they would have to draw that with every single clothing item in game.

@ElijahPw No.
The sprites are the same, in edison’s example they are just moving the position up and down one Pixel. So no new sprites would need to be drawn.


Dang boy you just killed him lol

Actually, theoradically it’s possible for them to implement this kind of standing animation becase of how the sprites work in game. i would say that i support this decent suggestion idea, not sure how the community would react to it, but otherwise a nice of mix.

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If you’ve seen futurama this will make sense.
The standing animation should look like those (joke)

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If this gets added then the game would make a lot of sense. i wont lie, it kinda looks like dancing.

I’ve been waiting for this @Editson.