What if you access a HACKED account?


This is worrying. * gulp *

If that hacked account is banned then you cant login to your main account anymore. Evading will be caught.

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I thought the link was supposed to redirect to somewhere talking about it
And welcome to the forums!

There is already a emoji at the forums, no need to use bing.com lmao.
Thought it was another troll called rickroll but ok.

The link is just a photo not a dangerous link XD

Also when my friend quitted he told me the reason why he switched to a new account, its because his original account was hacked, he gave me the password of that account, thankfuly it wasn’t banned or something but the hacker wasn’t online, so i looked into it and it was perfectly fine but i do remember that the hacker took control of that account, i was worried if it could spread insted of the game so i deleted it, | ( please say it doesnt cause harm to my device nor my files/photos ( either ipad or pc ) )

I haven’t heard of an incident about getting hacked by accessing a hacked account so don’t you worry much.

ok :no_mouth: *gulp * gulp * gulp *

Just don’t even try to go into that account. It’s for your account safeness.