What is lore? I want more information

I know that PW Wiki has it.
And you could go there but it just tells:
There are multiple elements that makes up the lore. For instance, a hieroglyph, rift portal, lore world/rift etc.

Like is that really it? Like this guy: I want more information.
I don’t want to just think that’s a hieroglyph, rift portal, lore world/rift etc. PW’s lore like bruh. ALSO what’s that etc?

Watch these videos then

Okay, thx. I actually haven’t watch it but now I will and I hope it’s interesting.

Bruh Mural is the hieroglyph. Already disappointed.

Okay watched both now, so the etc is monolith and the box. That’s literally what I got from it.

well im not really sure what you want to find out…

The etc xd, what’s more to Lore?

the “etc” was referring to the ADE, the different level puzzles, the cryptic portal, the monolith, the puzzle and possibly more stuff in the future since the lore isn’t completed yet. All the information I added there were based on a video and knowledge I got from the lore server.


Oh okay, thanks for telling.

What about the password portal in PIXELMINES? It is closed off by a door. Either the part including that is not yet released, or the password portal is a point that another portal somewhere else warps you to.

Well, that is a mystery yet to be discovered. :thinking:

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well like what HeyRicky said, it’s still a mystery so there’s no point adding those information into the wiki right now. if the password portals are usable in the future, then i’ll add it in.

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