What is the best "Booster" to buy?

I made this topic to help myself and any other people who are having trouble figuring out which booster to buy for profit, props, etc.

Tell us your opinion :slight_smile:

Buying boosters is the worst possible way you can waste your gems. Unless there is a seasonal booster going on like the current Christmas boosters, buy from the special items section such as PWE’s, mount rule bots, or even better get a rod and buy lures to fish them out to convert into wls at a higher rate.

which booster to buy?

In my opinion, its ancient booster (for profit) cuz of nemean lion helmet since it was 80-90 wls…
And for props, its up to the buyer which theme is fit for their world…
its just my opinion :slight_smile:

Boosters aren’t for profitting.

  • It’s about luck, if you profit from it.

I suppose as the others say unless there’s a certain item you’d like to get out of it, boosters aren’t profitable. Personally I only get boosters if it’s the last resort E.G. building blocks and wallpapers (this may be due to everything in the PWE being sold out). But it’s better to hold the gems to get orbs, community items, special items which can sell equally to it’s world lock conversions of gems or higher

Well platformer booster is actually profit believe it or not not really worth it tho cuz like 10 wls profit for like 100 wls spend and takes time selling

kit or booster