What is the best/worst world you've ever been to?

Hey y’all! So it appears that no one has asked this question in the forums before…so what do you think is the best or worst world you’ve ever been to in-game?

Personally, I think the best world in game is Starfire1174’s VAULT. The worst? Well there’s no specific one, but poorly-designed, under-detailed and too simple worlds will get a VIP seat in my books.

Go put your favorites/unfavorites down below! :wink:

My favourite world is GODVSDEVIL, the design is astonishing! Definitely one of the most well made worlds out there!

My least favourite world is FURRY :roll_eyes: I do not own it, therefore its trash

ARCANIA is the best one because its not only a single world, it’s multiple worlds. It’s like a game inside a game.
Any P2P world is the worst i’ve been to.


I really like any worlds that have a story you can follow with like ARCANIA and GALACTICGATEWAY

don’t really have a least favourite tho.

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the best world ive been to is arcania, and the worst is STRIPE_TEASE

My favourite worlds are the wotws of anonymous creep.
My least favourite are my soil abomination worlds

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I dont like any p2p worlds. I do like any worlds that won WOTW tho

Just based on the name, I can already tell this is a bad one

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the world Don’t click the 5th spoiler plz




i said stop lo-