What is the most annoying thing in Pixel Worlds?

  • People trading you as if they will buy something from you then they cancel it (worse: they will trd again only the items are worse)
  • Getting Scammed
  • Full Worlds
  • Disconnecting during great moments (about to win last to leave, about to claim halloween legendary etc.)
  • GMS that are trolls if you warp
  • The World BOTH
  • Fake Giveaway
  • People asking for cheaper price of an item you are selling
  • People saying their price (overpriced) for an item
  • People playing drop games (even though there are a million reasons and proofs why you should not play it)
  • Other (reply down)

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imo I find the trading thing annoying since it’d drive me crazy when I was buying/selling stuff in PIXELMINES for so long then someone trades me just to say something like “helmet for” when I never said I was selling but a close second is people arguing in GMs over hilariously stupid and petty stuff, I’ve seen Neoslayer and Siethy argue over seriously stupid things and I dunno what it is about it but I just find it so annoying

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I find it funny how you feel the need to bring up two random people for no reason whatsoever when you could just mute them
You must be one of those people who see an argument and immediately rule it out as toxic or that both people are somehow bad, but if you actually looked at the situation you’d realize he simply starts throwing hands for no reason

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Ok one you have no need to respond to him and second I personally would rather not have to mute people to not see arguing over petty stuff, I see you guys arguing and I rule it out as you guys needlessly arguing when really neither of you need to reply back to the other

A really annoying thing that happens is when someone wants to buy an item I have and then completely lowballs for it, which I say no to and then they ask how much I’m selling it for and after I tell them they start ridiculing and even insulting me for how expensive I’m selling it for even though I’m selling it for the normal price or even for cheap.

oh wait forgot but the actual most annoying thing imo would probably be people selling items in PWE for 1 byte less than the price you’re selling it for

I’m allowed to respond to whoever I want.
You do realize, I am using my own gems to Gm, whereas muting requires no gems? You can’t be that lazy. You literally did not give any research into the situation yet you call it “needlessly arguing.”
The last argument that happened between us was literally me telling people to ignore it and to report it for harassment

Ok forums is like really laggy for hte past few days and that wasn’t supposed to be a reply to your comment neoslayer

OK not looking to get into a lengthy conversation right now but all I’m saying is I find you and others arguing over what I see as petty things annoying and I would rather not have to mute people to not see it because not everything you, siethy, or other people say is going to be part of an argument and I would rather not need to mute in order to not see arguments like that

That’s a you problem, if you think it’s so hard to mute a conversation you consider “petty”
when you literally have no idea what the argument is about :+1:

I hate getting scammed, it happens literally all the time! Those pesky scammers always somehow get a hold of my items without my knowledge and I wish it would just stop. They should seriously introduce an update that removes scammers once and for all, not sure why it’s still a feature.

May I introduce mass genocide
(scamming isn’t a feature :rofl: )

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All of the above

Why is this not in multiple choices