What is the most sus thing you have been told?

My friend told me he got over 1m gems from just 60 silver keys.

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my friend told me he’s an impostor :slightly_smiling_face:

Nico told me he was noob :slight_smile:

My friend said he got 2 pride hats. Then got the pasta hat. THIS WAS BACK TO BACK

Who’s Nico? (20 characters)

A box bug wiki mod

Most sus thing I’ve been told was to go to WOLVENDOM

Well that’s wrong about the silver keys I got 600k gems from 100 gold keys

Was told the wls will be “removed”.

“I give you 1 pl every month if you become me gf in-game plz also add me discord and daily voice chat”

  • The guy who I met at the world DATE.

That’s super weird, that’s like thinking being a gf is a job

“I’m rich because I profit”- every illegal trader in the game.

Illegal trader?

A sus in-game friend from PW added me on Discord and asked me to show my Abs. :slight_smile:

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boomer :ok_hand:

ok I’ll stop

zoomer :ok_hand: