What is the rarest item block in the game

I was thinking lately about items and some items becoming more rare and I just thought about what is the rarest item in the game are the items only copies in the game I mean obtainable items an ordinary player can get not glitch items not hacked not mod exclusive items I mean just an item anyone can trade and get


Fawn Block & The PixelMine Ore Block [Jake Gaveaway A Few Of Em, Like 2.

There are items which were never released for various reasons which makes them Uber rare

You also have:-

Others that are hard to produce by farming - perhaps - plastic block, uranium block, open sign .

The events dropped items can be hard to find - Fri 13th posters, thanks giving turkey

As for the various seeds that were never issued unless lokalapsi has had a change of heart they are worthless because if seen they will be confiscated!.

Finally there is the sheriff’s hat stand which is a rare drop from a particular block

Almost forgot community items, not all but imo coffee machine…

Others can add their own thoughts

Eh, all of these are definetely not the rarest items in the game, but some might indeed be a little hard to find. Pretty sure the rarest block is either Faun Ears or Luxurious Gem Pouch block.

You mean the pouch ? Not a block as such??

Your post reminded me of another

Didn’t Jake himself say one of the rarest items in the game is the Legendary soil block …
I only know one person who found one in the wild - i bought it !
One day i hope I’ll find one …

There was once block in PWE. You can only obtain pouches that are a consumable item,
But apparently some bug/hack enabled those to be in the game

Photo is from around 30.08.2022 so sorry for Bad Quality , Cheers !


there is a quest that gives luxurious gem pouch and in the first moments before getting fixed it gave the prize in form of a block

Legendary Soil blocks are pretty common if you compare them to the ones i mentioned in he previous message, pretty sure they go for around ~50K bytes.

i mean no glichs items

I think the red glasses was very rare. I heard theres 1 or 2 owners right now.

no now the red glasses is a common item now worth now 7k - 13k

The topaz gem block. 3 in game.

If you want to sell me a L soil block I’m interested …

As for rarity i didn’t really count the unissued items for the main they are all Uber rare . I was trying to pick out more of the so say available stuff. That block that Jake gave away is almost unobtanium just something for the super rich in the game.

It’s been interesting to see the game release many rare items in last few months, red glasses, rubber boots, barn doors etc… . I thought the red glasses would fall in value but never to the degree they did. Simply a case of so many rich players buying a lot of them?? - plenty of burnt fingers out there me thinks.

Id also would not buy a glitched item now as it would seem their days are numbered.

Btw I have a stack of Greek Columns will they let them out too?

wait what? Did the devs add it to byte coin store or something

Red glasses, yes . Released at 50k a pop.

Bought up by the truck load , i bought a few and should have stuck to just one .

My only big loss in the game so far …