What is the secret of the PIXELMINES?

When the door opens?
What is that statue?
What is the password of the portal?
And what you think about it?

This topic has or had been around for like a few months back. So, I’m just gonna summarize it from what I’ve read and acknowledge.

  • People think it’s connected with the lore, or it actually is.
  • People think the password for the portal is also somehow…connected to the lore. (emerald, etc)

People have shared their thoughts about it from the other threads.


also kind of sus the worlds built with bedrock

The lore is about a legendary player called kpop army recruit
Once you open the door you will meet him. He will place a kiss on your cheek and you’ll receive 18m gems

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a few days ago i found jake wearing tthis item it looks like its related to the big statue siiting there is it?

It was probably a glitch
I think someone was standing behind Jake holding the nether staff and it made it look like Jake was holding a gem or smth



ooh (20 characters123)

Bruh moment… (20 characters option is annoying)

Because that’s how Apoov foreseen to build it.

When the door opens?
A: Probably never.
What is that statue?
A: Just some random cool looking statue with a pickaxe.
What is the password of the portal?
A: There is no password to begin with.
And what you think about it?
A: It’s just some decoration, nothing much. It really gives that great mysterious and deep vibe (mood of a place, atmosphere) of the mining worlds.

then why are there so many lore hunters researching about it?

What do you mean by “researching”? I think they are just staring at things and pretending to have done research or something.
There is no way to do any research on stuff which is made up.

then why did jake say in his livestream that there are still a lot of items that are undiscovered and are legendary and legendary+ rarity

You are just taking things out of context.
Jake said that it may not be in our version of the game, it’s in the developer servers.

hmm how does nico have some (or he is lying)?

cause nico is paper bag man and he is key to the lore of the game

no jokes though, i think nico was joking about that

who knows? (ah 20 cahara)