What is there to do when there are no updates?

Yea you read the title lol

literally everything is boring now (for me atleast) and there are no updates for like a month or something

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Frankly, if you aren’t enjoying it then you could take a break for the next month or so until the next update. Other in-game activities I could recommend that you might not be doing at least daily:

  • Daily & Clan quests;
  • Pet adventures;
  • Daily jet races (at least the first few cheap runs);
  • Achievement hunting if you still have any left.

Otherwise, if you need it, take a break. Not worth forcing yourself to play a game when you aren’t enjoying it.


I would do achievement hunting but the fact that my next prize is the cape of legends or whatever is just so demotivating lol

Even if the prize isn’t that interesting, still worth getting them either way. The current final 2 rewards are (at least, in my opinion) some of the best available and even still, gets you closer to perhaps “completing” the game at least in a statistics related way. Technically impossible to beat the game though, but that’s not the point

And I have to do probably the worst achievements to get the prize

these 4 + the crossbreeder

Oh, I actually enjoyed filling out the entire recipe book, and you can do the familiar food one pretty easily by making blue cookies for like 1000 gems each

I agree with Kaluub. I only play the game either it’s urgent or another update/events shows off

You can try to play another game in the mean time (or take a break as Kaluub said.) come back to pw as soon as an update or events will occur.

And don’t force yourselves as it will get you even bored off the game. I really hope you have other games than pw…

Take a break from Kaluub? damn im sorry Kaluub but we cant talk anymore

Fish and play other games during the “dead weeks”
(since this game is basically a sandbox gacha)

lol are you serious? :joy:

You cant 100% enjoy other games while fishing

I got a fishing set months ago and i tried afk fishing but honestly id rather mine and focus 100% on the game, not fish and focus 50% on pw and 50% on the other game

same goes to watching videos

I can easily play genshin impact, stardew valley, and watch videos while fishing, the strike isn’t so common to the point where you’d need to pay 50% attention when all you need to do is listen for a strike sound

Never played genshin so idk how that game goes

I can see myself playing stardew valley but definetly not the games i play rn since those games are spelunky 2 and the binding of isaac

Those are the most easy quests. This is what I’m stuck on

The order and potion quest are easy. Just started doing more of it recently

Oh boy, yeah. You better not play Spelunky whilst fishing. You’d need to focus 24/7, otherwise some whacky things would randomly happen, and you would die the most horrible way possible.

Just quit the game until another update :sunglasses:

Genshin = Breath of the Wild but with stupid gacha systems & a currency that you can only purchase (genesis crystals).
But I’d suggest trying it if you like the exploration aspect of BOTW, the map was huge when I played first

I need resepti for maksamakkara to make.

Game is barely comparable to BOTW aside from its inspirations, people just love to make that poor argument because it has oh wow, climbing, gliding, green grass, bright graphics and swords. Also genesis crystals only use is to convert into another currency that you can get for free


its easy if you are willing to spend like 30 wls on each fossil