What is this thing? W35-28429-2832

So I just stumbled upon this website:

It is some sort of Nintendo website called “Nintendo Content Management System”.

So… Did I just find some sort of Nintendo admin panel?

The code in the title is there because there can’t be 2 threads with the same name. What kind of dumb idea is this?

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Welcome back, I see you have managed to get unbanned!

Yep. Starfire unbanned my account before she got demoted.

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Bro, what? :skull:.

It doesn’t seem to be an admin panel. There are contacts and talks of finding a person responsible for managing companies that signed a non-disclosure agreement with Nintendo.

why are you keep making nintendo/wii thingy topics?

This isnt the forum for this, but i suspect it might be something like a content moderation space. Nothing secret

I didnt see that this thread was five days old :sob: