What is this thing?

I am confused, literally what is it? Did anyone get that item yet, I want to know the name?

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its like egg staff or smth but i havent seen no one wear it though

Probably no one/someone we haven’t heard of has obtained it. Currently still unknown how to obtain it as far as I know.

If I had to guess, I think it’s the VIP daily bonus for next month, which would explain why nobody has it yet.

should be the exclusive weapon for this year, since every year a new exclusive weapon is introduced together with an egghunter mask 20xx

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I’m sorry, I really am…


i guess no
the vip i think will be not an egg but like idk egg hat golden egg hat

Basically nobody knows yet lol?

I think its a new grand prize in egg surprise

Yeah but the name of the item xd?