What is this?

So i have demon altar seed in my inventory and i don’t know how much is it worth

It’s in pwe but there hasn’t been any new sales past one month.
(last sale was for 10,000 bytecoins)

Also now i can’t seem to find it anymore in pwe, is it removed or what?

Hmmm, this is indeed a rare find good sir

Any ideas how much it could worth?

Well you said it was 10k bytes since last purchased, so im guessing its double that amount since none even exist (on the terminal at least)

I dont think its glitched
I have one of them

I think its just extremely rare since when was the last time you have seen people breaking demon altars

they’re not that rare or maybe i was just extremely lucky because i turned one demon altar into 15 back in 2018 by farming them lol.

It is farmable

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Woah to think it’s been sold for 10k though :stuck_out_tongue:

Price manipulation


It’s either price manipulation or the seed drop chance got removed.